10 Cats Who Think They’re Superheroes

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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Superkitty!!!

When Superman needs some time off, he calls in his feline super friend to fill in for him. He's faster than a closing front door and able to catch a mouse with a single pounce.
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Wet dishes beware!

The best superheroes help out with the dishes and Super Dish Towel Cat is no stranger to a wet dish. She has the drying strength of 10 dish rags and can dry a set of plates in a flash!
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He gives Zorro a run for his money

Sometimes all a super cat needs is a mask. This cats super power is his intense gaze , powerful enough to strike fear in the hearts of villains everywhere
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Every hero needs a sidekick

What supercat is complete without a trusty sidekick. This sidekicks super power is extra soft plushness, sure to lull opposing foes into a false state of complacency.
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The feline dynamic duo

The caped crusader and the cat wonder stand side by side in their fight against evil and tyranny.
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He doesn't need a name, just look at that face

He uses his cuteness to his advantage. Evil doers beware. You are powerless against his ability to make you wanna go "AWWWWWWWWW"
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The caped catsader.

Born in the shadows, he roams the city streets looking for criminals, scofflaws and the occasional piece of thrown out fish. He is "Batcat".
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She may not be as fierce a warrior as Wonder Woman, but she packs a ginormous punch in the adorable power category!
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The Incredible 4 pawed "Hulk"

If the villain threatening humanity is a 500 lbs Twinkie, this is the superhero you want on your side. Just don't get stuck with the dinner tab should you two decide to grab a bite to eat.





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